Star Hunter


English language

Published by Standard Ebooks.

3 stars (1 review)

On the unexplored jungle world of Jumala, former pilot turned safari guide Ras Hume schemes to collect the reward for finding a missing heir to a fortune. A busboy from local dive bar is brainwashed into believing he is the missing heir, but he soon begins to doubt his own memories.

This standalone story was originally published in 1961 as part of a double title paperback by Ace Books along with an abridged version of The Beast Master, and again in 1968 paired with the short novel Voodoo Planet, all by Andre Norton.

2 editions

A standard survival adventure with mismatched partners and ruthless rivals, only with weird stuff going on and in space.

3 stars

I’d never read any of Andre Norton’s books before, so when I saw a bunch of them on Standard Ebooks, I figured I’d take a look. The first one I read was Star Hunter, which maybe wasn’t the best place to start. It’s mainly an adventure story, a jungle survival trip with ruthless rivals that could just as easily be set in any wilderness area on Earth.

Of the two main characters, one is the tough guy type who runs safaris on alien worlds, and wants to “find” the lost heir to a fortune who had crashed on the planet some time ago. The other is captured and brainwashed into believing he’s the lost heir, then dropped on the planet ahead of the expedition. Things go wrong, adventure ensues.

But the adventure isn’t really satisfying. Even when weird things start happening because it’s an alien planet, they’re never really addressed …


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