Bad Monkeys

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Bad Monkeys (2007) is a psychological thriller novel by Matt Ruff. It received mixed reviews in national media, but was subsequently optioned for film.

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3 stars

I had mixed experiences with Matt Ruff books before. The acclaimed "Fool on the Hill" completely left me unfazed and rather confused, I tried several times to end it and at last sold it without having even read half of it. "Set this House in order" was the opposite: it completely enthralled me and I finished it in the matter of a few hours, re-reading it several times afterwards. "Bad Monkeys" was something in between. The first three quarters or so it absolutely captivated me and I enjoyed the fast paced plot, the characters, the sillyness and the pop-cultural jokes. But then Matt Ruff somehow went all M. Night Shyamalan - looking for the big thrill he drowned the ending in a maze of twists.

While I found those in "Set this house in order" well crafted,genuinely surprising, touching and making me want to read the book again, here they …