Peacebuilding and Reconciliation

Contemporary Themes and Challenges

eBook, 240 pages

Published Sept. 1, 2012 by Pluto Press.

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Peacebuilding and Reconciliation brings together a number of critical essays from members of the renowned Centre for Peace & Reconciliation Studies.

This highly topical book covers the latest developments and issues in the discipline of peacebuilding and reconciliation, using different global case studies of societies experiencing or emerging out of violent conflict. It brings together a range of scholars, including many from the global south, who provide fresh perspectives and insights based on their experience of living and working in conflict situations. The book connects theory and practice, drawing both on academic research and direct experience of conflict situations, and explores how to meet the challenges involved in peacebuilding and reconciliation.

Peacebuilding and Reconciliation is a cutting-edge collection ideal for students and academics in peace studies, development studies and international relations.

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