Engines of Liberty

How Citizen Movements Succeed

336 pages

English language

Published June 26, 2017 by Basic Books.


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Upset About Roe V Wade Repeal? Read this book for some hope.

5 stars

Sometimes change seems to happen rapidly, but often it is the result of long, careful organizing by interest groups. This book looks at the role organized campaigns have played in impacting supreme court decisions.

Before reading "Engines", I had no idea that the current interpretation of the Second Amendment to support the individual liberty to bear arms was a modern interpretation that came into prominence in the 90s. Prior to this, activists planned to shape discourse, get professors with alternate perceptions in schools, develop a broad swath of lawyers and judges. The justices who repealed of Roe didn't emerge from nowhere; they existed in judicial societies, were educated by communities, sponsored and supported by interest groups.

There are other books that explore similar topics. ("Inventing the Future" by Srnicek and Williams documents the organized rise of Neoliberalism, another book I reccomend). The point is, major changes come with decades of …

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  • Constitutional law, united states
  • Law reform
  • Justice, administration of
  • Political participation