Our Shared Storm

A Novel of Five Climate Futures

Hardcover, 224 pages

Published April 5, 2022 by Fordham University Press.


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What is the future of our climate? Given that our summers now regularly feature Arctic heat waves and wildfire blood skies, polar vortex winters that reach all the way down to Texas, and “100-year” storms that hit every few months, it may seem that catastrophe is a done deal. As grim as things are, however, we still have options. Combining fiction and nonfiction and employing speculative tools for scholarly purposes, Our Shared Storm explores not just one potential climate future but five possible outcomes dependent upon our actions today.

Written by speculative-fiction writer and sustainability researcher Andrew Dana Hudson, Our Shared Storm features five overlapping fictions to employ a futurist technique called “scenarios thinking.” Rather than try to predict how history will unfold―picking one out of many unpredictable and contingent branching paths―it instead creates a set of futures that represent major trends or counterposed possibilities, based on a set of …

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