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Created and curated by Derek Caelin

Books that are optimistic, revolutionary, and green.

  1. A Psalm for the Wild-Built by  (Monk & Robot, #1)

    5 stars

    It's been centuries since the robots of Panga gained self-awareness and laid down their tools; centuries since they wandered, en …

  2. The Terraformers by 

    4 stars

    From science fiction visionary Annalee Newitz comes The Terraformers, a sweeping, uplifting, and illuminating exploration of the future.

    Destry's life …

  3. The Ministry for the Future by 

    4 stars

    Established in 2025, the purpose of the new organization was simple: To advocate for the world's future generations and to …

  4. All We Can Save by ,

    5 stars

    Provocative and illuminating essays from women at the forefront of the climate movement who are harnessing truth, courage, and solutions …

  5. Glass and Gardens: Solarpunk Summers by , , , and 1 other

    4 stars

    Solarpunk is a type of optimistic science fiction that imagines a future founded on renewable energies. The seventeen stories in …

  6. Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk and Eco-Speculation by 

    4 stars

    Every story and poem in this optimistic illustrated anthology of “solarpunk and eco-speculation” portrays a future in which environmental disaster …

  7. Cities of Light by , , , and 15 others

    5 stars

    A collection of science fiction stories, art and essays exploring how the transition to solar energy will transform cities; catalyze …

  8. A Bigger Picture by 

    4 stars

    A manifesto and memoir about climate justice and how we can—and must—build a livable future for all, inclusive to all, …

  9. The Weight of Light by 

    3 stars

    A collection of science fiction stories, art, and essays exploring human futures powered by solar energy, with an upbeat, solarpunk …

  10. Blackfish City by 

    4 stars

    After the climate wars, a floating city is constructed in the Arctic Circle, a remarkable feat of mechanical and social …

  11. Reindeer Chronicles by 

    5 stars

    Award-winning science journalist Judith D. Schwartz takes us first to China’s Loess Plateau, where a landmark project has successfully restored …

  12. Noor by 

    4 stars

    From Africanfuturist luminary Okorafor comes a new science fiction novel of intense action and thoughtful rumination on biotechnology, destiny, and …

  13. Healing Grounds by 

    5 stars

    A powerful movement is happening in farming today—farmers are reconnecting with their roots to fight climate change. For one woman, …

  14. Braiding Sweetgrass by 

    4 stars

    Updated with a new introduction from Robin Wall Kimmerer, the special edition of Braiding Sweetgrass, reissued in honor of the …

  15. A Prayer for the Crown-Shy by  (Monk & Robot, #2)

    4 stars

    After touring the rural areas of Panga, Sibling Dex (a Tea Monk of some renown) and Mosscap (a robot sent … says:

    A very fitting follow-up to A Psalm for the Wild-Built, with more world building.

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