The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, September/October 2020


English language

Published Aug. 31, 2020 by Spilogale, Inc..

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An average issue of F&SF with some interesting stories.

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An average issue that starts with an unusual tour through a library by David Gerrold with other interesting tales by Marc Laidlaw and Angie Peng, a fun piece by Brian Trent featuring some Greek Gods and a dog, and a long fairy-tale like story by Leah Cypess that shows that fairies may not have the best interests of the people at heart when they give blessings.

  • "The Shadows of Alexandrium" by David Gerrold: a guide leads a tour group through an ever expanding location that holds a record of realities. But then a new section of the location opens up and, in leading the group into it, discovers it may not be as it seems, and it is now up to him (or her) to lead them back to safety from the shadows of imaginations.

  • "Weeper" by Marc Laidlaw: in his continuing tales of a man with the hand of …