Implementing Domain-Driven Design

English language

Published July 29, 2012

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A lot of words for little meaning and still does not replace Evans' book

2 stars

As a big proponent of DDD, I'm really sorry to have to write this, but reading this book was the polar opposite experience to reading Eric Evans' "Domain-Driven Design".

Unfortunately, this book is bloated, extremely verbose and generally hard to read - in my opinion much harder than Evans' blue book.

It is not a good introduction to DDD, assuming at every step that you've read Evans' book, while at the same time quoting it often. The author seems to have filled the pages with repetitions, quotes and meandering technical explanations to the point where the subject of the chapter is often lost.

It uses some questionable patterns, such as Service Locator, wiring Spring beans using XML or using @Autowired instead of constructor injection, which makes it hard to recommend as a basis for anyone's project. It seems, also, to have skipped some important topics, such as how to deal …

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