Tensorate Series

Paperback, 480 pages

Published Sept. 21, 2021 by Tor.com.

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4 stars (2 reviews)

Across four novellas, Neon Yang established themself as a fantasist in bold defiance of the limitations of their genre. Available now in a single volume, these four novellas trace the generational decline of an empire and unfurl a world that is rich and strange beyond anything you've dreamed.

In the Tensorate Series you will find: rebellious nonbinary scions of empire, sky-spanning nagas with experimental souls, revolutionary engineers bent on bringing power to the people, pugilist monks, packs of loyal raptors, and much, much more.

The Tensorate Series omnibus contains The Black Tides of Heaven, The Red Threads of Fortune, The Descent of Monsters, and To Ascend to Godhood

1 edition

An interesting book with four connected stories, with a helping of fluid gender identifies and romantic relationships.

3 stars

An interesting book with four connected stories set in a world where people of certain skills can affect the world by mentally playing with various elements (earth, water, metal, etc.), known as Slackcraft. It is also a world with fluid gender identities and romantic relationships that may or may not put off certain readers.

In this world lies the Protectorate, with a powerful woman, the Protector, who rules the Protectorate with an iron fist. The stories in the book deals with the rise, the rule and the end of the Protector, as told through the eyes of two of her children and the people who were involved with them.

  • The Black Tides of Heaven: the High Priest of a monastery meets with the Protector, who has to fulfil her end of a bargain for asking for his help. But it is done in an unexpected way, and he ends up …