Orbital Claims Adjuster

Adventures of a Jump Space Accountant Book 2

242 pages

English language

Published Oct. 10, 2018 by Moriarty, Andrew.

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4 stars (5 reviews)

Novice spy Jake is ready to be a hero. His boss wants a delivery driver.

Jake tries hard, but spying is a tough job. When a botched pickup and a drunken indiscretion drop him in jail, he's sent to serve his sentence in the Milita. His new commander wants Jake's next tour to be out an airlock without a suit. At least his fellow conscript is friendly, and has a sexy single sister!

But an accidental shooting and a boarding by his old friend Nadine complicate his life. Now the girls don't trust him, Mr. Dashi won't answer his calls, and there are armed ships chasing him through the rings. Is he in trouble? Or was this Dashi's plan all along?

Tired of books where everything that moves gets shot? How about a book where people use their brains? If you like strategy over tactics, and thought before action, The …

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Decent enough, but well.

2 stars

It feels like the main character learned nothing from the last book, he starts out being about just as naïve in this book as the start of the last one, that was frustrating. The worldbuilding is still quite good, but I'm kind of not really feeling that much like going on in the series, maybe at one time, but I think I've had my fill now.

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