No More Police

A Case for Abolition

240 pages

English language

Published Oct. 11, 2022 by New Press, The.

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No More Police

5 stars

Police in the U.S. consume [close to] $130 billion a year...Carceral logics normalize policing and punishment in response to social problems rather than collective care and mutual support.
Police violence is not counted in the crime stats periodically trotted out to justify their existence—even though cops engage daily in actions that fall squarely within the definition of homicide, assault (including sexual assault), home invasions in the form of drug raids, and robbery and theft through asset forfeiture...A cop is caught engaging in acts of sexual “misconduct” every five days on average...Policing is not “broken,” it is operating exactly as it was intended: dealing out daily violence to contain, control, and criminalize Black and Brown communities while creating conditions for capital to flourish...Police embody and exercise the state’s monopoly on the legitimate use of violence.
We have over a century’s worth of evidence demonstrating that attempts to re-form police don’t produce …
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