Basic economics

a citizens guide to the economy

English language

Published Jan. 18, 2003 by Basic Books.

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"Dry empirical questions are seldom as exciting as political crusades or ringing moral pronouncements, but empirical questions are questions that must be asked if we are truly interested in the well-being of others rather than in exciting our sense of moral superiority for ourselves. Perhaps the most important distinction is between what sounds good and what works. The former may be sufficient for purposes of politics of moral preening but not for the economic advancement of people in general or the poor in particular."

Thomas Sowell is obviously conservative (in at least many ways that we use that word in the US today) and he obviously believes that economic thinking is incredibly important for those interested in the betterment of humans as individuals and humanity as a whole.

As much as I enjoy Freakonomics-like pop economics books, I think this gave me much more to think about.

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