Tell Me No Lies (STP - Mira)

576 pages

English language

Published Feb. 1, 2006 by HQN Books.

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4 stars (1 review)

Lindsay Danner is an expert on Chinese bronzes who has an uncanny ability to separate fake from real. She is also a woman alone whose deeply buried memories bring her to screaming wakefulness in the small hours of the night. In the daytime, she has just one requirement of the people and objects in her life—honesty.

Jacob MacArthur Catlin was known under many names in the past, especially Dragon. Intelligent, ruthless, deadly, he became a legend in the shadow world of spies. His life was constructed of lies, deceit, and treachery. When he left that world, he never looked back. And never wanted to.

Then a man comes to Catlin bearing one half of an ancient Chinese coin. The past comes to dangerous life, a danger the sweeps up Lindsay. She is utterly unprepared for a life of lies. Catlin isn’t. Only working together can they survive layer after layer …

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A lot of story

4 stars

*This is a TBRChallenge review, there will be spoilers, I don't spoil everything but enough, because I treat these reviews as a bookclub discussion.

Y'all, how am I picking these insane books for the TBRChallenge every year??? What kind of a gold mine tbr am I sitting on?!? Anyway, this review is a couple days late because this turned out to be 570ish pages of an HBO limited series. I feel wrung-out but less because of emotional wreckage, as I was with The Lotus Palace, and more just my god that was A STORY. I'm not sure how I'm going to talk about this so, long story short, twist and turns spy romance about possible stolen Chinese bronze statues that is a sticky web with multiple parts made by multiple spiders as the People's Republic of China is newish Communists with some liking that and others not and, of course, …