My Friend Took Me To A Feline Therapy Place For My Anxiety And I’m Starting To Wonder Where The Cats Are?


English language

Published Aug. 22, 2018 by Alex Zandra van Chestein.

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5 stars (1 review)

Relaxing with a purring cat can make people feel better… …but did you know purring makes the cat feel better too? Some folks see the daily challenges we’ve made it a habit to overcome and can’t stop themselves from trying to help. Surely there’s a way. Surely there’s something we haven’t already tried. And sometimes we humor them, because even though their solution isn’t for the right problem… what if this one works? What this is the one that helps? What have we got to lose? A first-person exploration of anxiety, Feline Therapy is my biggest departure yet; lighter on the gender feels, heavier on the ways we face our problems and the ways we escape them. It’s my first full-color book, as well as my first collaboration with a professional illustrator. I hope you like it!

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