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Introvert vegan anarchist. I read mostly fantasy and science fiction books. I can lend you most of the books I've read, as epub.

Languages: DE, EN.

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Little Free Library (2020, Doherty Associates, LLC, Tom)

Little Free Library by 

From the award-wining fantasy author of the Dead Rivers Trilogy, comes Naomi Kritzer's enchanting Original short story, "Little Free …

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The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (Hardcover, 2015, Hodder & Stoughton Ltd) 5 stars

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet is the 2014 debut science fiction novel …

a story that thrives on its characters

5 stars

The basic storyline of this book is nothing entirely out of the ordinary: Space crew gets dangerous but lucrative job offer, travels to their destinations, stuff happens there and along the way. You can take the title literally: it's a long way but only a small planet (episode).

I liked the world building, but especially the way the protagonists interact with each other. It's a story that is, for once, not driven by toxic behavior and the inability to communicate, but instead based on empathy and mutual support. The characters belong to different alien and human races, they do sometimes face conflicts over their specific needs, but frequently try to find solutions that work for everyone. In some ways, it seemed like an enhanced and more diverse version of the "Firefly" crew to me (which I loved).

This is a read leaves you with more positive than negative emotions, while …

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Vegan Meat Cookbook (2021, Ten Speed Press) 4 stars

If you're really into fake meat, this is for you

4 stars

This whole cookbook reminds me of a recipe note in Veganomicon, which advises the reader not to bother serving it to omnivores, and "save this for appreciative vegetarians and vegans." If you're not already pumped about fake meat, skip this.

Most of the book is recipes for meals which include fake meat. The ones I made were pretty good! I generally find that I add more seasoning and fat than she suggests, and of the recipes I've added to my rotation, I don't make any of them exactly as written.

I've been living off the batches of the chili for weeks, with some added veggies and almost twice as much chili powder.

Usually I get recipes intended to have meat in them and do substitutions, which works fine for me, but it was fun to cook from recipes that are on the same page as me from the outset. …

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A Closed and Common Orbit (Hardcover, 2016, HODDER & STOUGHTON) 5 stars

Once, Lovelace had eyes and ears everywhere. She was a ship's artificial intelligence system - …

This is how I expect all sci-fi to be written now

5 stars

Becky Chambers' approach to sci-fi has ruined me. No longer will I accept grungy and dystopian worlds that don't have redeeming character arcs filled with friendship, love, and care. This book is just so good.