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1312/0x520 Country 'possum living that: Fully Automated, Gay, Vegan, Luxury, Post-Civ, Anarcho-Communalism in the middle of WWIII. Into mycology and electronics. Deep Ecology and Animal Liberation. In doom we crust. Almost off grid trailer life running on Linux. Abolish: work, prison, police, the state.

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after a successful week of harassing campus cops at "coffee with a cop" events, my network of minions (undergrad students) can now turn our collective power towards harassing Socialist Revolution and Socialist Alternative.

the former are wheatpasting bullshit posters all over campus and surrounding neighborhoods including pasting over posters. The later are tabling "Students for Cornel West" bullshit, cheering on Russian and Chinese ethnic cleansing campaigns, and advocating police 'reform.'