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Eclectic reader but inceasingly annoyed at the commodification of books and the way our reading is being exploited

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Historical non fiction about the Norman rule from William Rufus to Henry 2.

Very interesting

4 stars

Not what I thought it was going to be. I expected a focus on the actual White Ship and possible exploration of what might have happened and why. Instead this forms the centre point of a very interesting history of the Normans up until the end of the Anarchy and the beginning of Henry 2 as a Plantagenet. Fascinating to see just how political and robber baron it really was.

Giles Milton: D-Day (2018, Hodder & Stoughton) 3 stars

Pieced together accounts from participants on the day

Very readable but

3 stars

There are numerous errors which grate and maybe suggest this is not anything like as factually correct as I thought it might be. Some of the beach descriptions are odd, the reference to German 88's as mortars when they were dual purpose AA and direct fire weapons, the pulling of a grenade pin by teeth (seriously impossible and just Hollywood), the officer who is actually a corporal.....