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reviewed Lou Reed by Anthony DeCurtis

Lou Reed (Paperback, 2018, Back Bay Books) 5 stars

"The essential biography of one of music's most influential icons: Lou Reed As lead singer …

Long read

5 stars

Engaging biography. Lots of time spent detailing events around his greatest works and some choice insights into a character that remained inscrutable to outsiders. Am not overly familiar with his work but enjoyed the read.

Annihilation (Paperback, 2014, Farrar, Straus and Giroux) 4 stars

Area X has been cut off from the rest of the world for decades. Nature …

A different take

3 stars

I enjoyed the oppressive tone and writing style. Not a book for those who want sharp focussed action. Would have rated it higher my was put off by commenters elsewhere who thought the Novel was the second coming and couldn’t exist alongside the movie.

Sharpe's Revenge (2012, HarperCollins Publishers Limited) 3 stars

Bold, professional, ruthless, hero and man of action'Sharpe lost all sense of time. The fear …

Pulp fiction conclusion

3 stars

I can’t help but feel that if the writer had written this wrap up to the peninsula war much further into his writing career that it would have been a more fitting ending than the one provided here.

Sharpe's Regiment (2001, Penguin) 3 stars

Bold, professional, ruthless, hero and man of action'Going home? England? He did not want to …

A different side to the military machine

3 stars

Spent mostly in England, the story focuses on greed and the abuse of the war machine for profit. Still a ton of intrigue and wildly outrageous escapades but couched the realities of the class system sharpe has always dealt with makes for an interesting read.

reviewed Sharpe's Honour by Bernard Cornwell

Sharpe's Honour (Paperback, 1989, MacMillan Publishing Company) 3 stars

'Reluctantly, pain in his eyes, Pakenham looked at Sharpe. "Is there anything else you have …

Struggled to finish it skipped a bit

1 star

The antagonists in the story are so arch and the premise of the story so flimsy I struggled to get through it, not even the now-standard battle at the end could pick things up I just wanted this one to be over.