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Sharpe's Sword (2000, HarperCollins) 2 stars

Sharpe's Sword is a historical novel in the Richard Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell. It …

Intrigue is not the series strong suit.

2 stars

Another story that lacks tension a was hard to get through. The deadly villain while different isn’t very interesting. Feels like watered down version of Sharpes Prey.

Sharpe's Battle (Paperback, 2003, HarperCollins) 4 stars

As Napoleon threatens to crush Britain on the battlefield, Captain Richard Sharpe leads a ragtag …

A better version of fury

4 stars

Slow start with a refreshing enemy who is less scheming and more a reflection of Sharpe himself. The book earns its name with the conflict in the second half.

Sharpe's Gold (2004, Signet) 4 stars

Bold, professional, ruthless - hero and man of actionThe stench was thick by the hermitage …

Great follow up to Sharpes Eagle

4 stars

While a smaller story in scope than some, the story builds a great sense of impending doom, with Andy antagonist who isn’t quite as arch as the story that follows. The recurring characters are well entrenched into their roles at this point. (In this second book written) which is a bit of a let down from the chronologically earlier but more recently written books in the series.

Sharpe's Rifles (1988) 4 stars

Sharpe's Rifles is chronologically the sixth, but the ninth published, historical novel in the Richard …

Worthy entry in the Sharpes series

4 stars

Great intro to the men in green jackets, and a charismatic hero that can show Richard Sharpe a thing or two about leading men in battle.

Sharpe's Prey (2001, HarperCollins) 4 stars

Sharpe's Prey is the fifth historical novel in the Richard Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell, …

Back in the swing of things.

4 stars

Historical events see sharpe head off for a danish adventure. The story finds time to delve into his past while also reintroducing a host of characters from previous stories.