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German indie author, dragonlover and dreamer. Writing Fantasy in English. Supports the Underdog, loves feel-good stories.

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(Yes, Buehsteppe Verlag is my own little business that I need for tax reasons.)

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The Last Vampire (EBook, OtherLove Publishing, LLC) 5 stars

There’s a smokin’ hot dead guy locked in my garden shed. That part’s bad enough. …

Amazing World Building, Hot Characters, Snark and Steam

5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this series - and getting the boxed set is definitely a bargain that's totally worth it.

Zhora is a cool character who has to deal with more than any human should. She does get help from a 700-year-old Vampire (is he ever the stiff Brit!), a Demon and his butler, and a snarky Fae - but all of that comes with a price. Or several. Because she also makes plenty of enemies, and the supernatural kind are hard to get rid of and even harder to kill.

I got a bit of whiplash from all the plot twists, but trust me, they do make sense. Definitely recommend.

A Wolf's Quest (EBook, Buehsteppe Fantasy) No rating

Ben McMullen is a wolf on the run.

While his father is drawing off the …

When this series hit me - quite literally when I was daydreaming in bed - I was thinking of a trilogy.

Three wolf-shifter siblings, escaping the Hunters, finding adventure and love along the way. That felt good. And then... more characters demanded their story to be written, so now there are six books in this series.

However, this is where it all begins, with Ben and Sylvia. They introduced me to their world and their families, and I am beyond grateful they came to me.

A Wolf's Fear (EBook, Buehsteppe Fantasy) No rating

Liz McMullen has escaped the hunters once. Can she do it again?

With the Hunters …

This book was difficult to write because there is some overlap with book 1. This time around, however, you get Eric's view of the whole fiasco with Ben and Sylvia - and it's different.

And of course, you'll find out how Liz ended up entangled in the entire mess... (and how she rides a train as a wolf).

Ever Strange (Paperback, 2019, Independently published) 5 stars

Review of 'Ever Strange' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

I very much enjoyed this book.

Smart, logical heroine and hero. Lots of conflict, heartache, danger and tension, nice world-building. Surprising plot twists - and a satisfying ending. (No, I won't spoil more.)

I love books with smart, strong, determined female leads. If you do, as well, go for this one.