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Mary Shelley: Frankenstein, or, the Modern Prometheus (1818 Text) (2009,, Limited) 4 stars

This is the original edition which was published in 3 volumes. The cover photograph is …

A great classic, but a tough read overall

3 stars

Like most classics this book involves a bit of work to get through and really appreciate. It's stood the tests of time because you can easily compare Dr. Frankenstein to the modern day tech innovators that create for the sake of creation without really stopping to think on what their creation is going to bring to the world.

Frankenstein's chapters are long and drawn out, really building up how much you the reader just want to absolutely strangle him. He is self-pitying and seems to put most of his friends and family on a weirdly high pedestal while also not giving them a second thought when it's inconvenient? I think Shelley has actually done a fabulous job at writing a complete narcissist.

The chapters following Frankenstein's monsters completely sucked me in however, and I wish more of the book had been spent on detailing the monster's experiences in life that …

Emily Nagoski: Come As You Are (Paperback, imusti, Scribe UK) 5 stars

A refreshing piece on sexuality if your high school sex-ed sucked

4 stars

I really enjoyed Emily's discussions and thoughts on sexuality and what motivates sexual desire in (mostly) cis-women. It was a nice chicken soup read for me during COVID since when I was feeling horribly alone and non-sexy, and has given me a more healthier approach to sexuality beyond just the PIV mechanics of sex.

I do wish the focus had been more gender fluid, and a little less hetero-normative, but I understand you gotta aim for a target market somewhere. I think anyone can benefit from this book if they want to be a little bit more introspective on their own sexuality and what motivates their desires.

The book did begin to feel a little repetitive towards the end, so I sped-read through the last bit. Didn't feel like I could quite claim to have "finished" the book, but not because I didn't enjoy it!

Rhett McLaughlin, Link Neal: The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek (Paperback, 2019, Crown) 4 stars

Having been a fan of Good Mythical Morning and Ear Biscuits for a long time, I was curious to see what Rhett and Link's written story telling was like, as they are great vocal story tellers in everything they do.

They advertised this book as a comedy, thriller, and mystery. Which initially made me extremely hesitant, as that seemed very ambitious for a first fictional novel. But after reading the book I have to say, it was a nice mix of everything!

They do a great job of developing scenes and writing relationships between characters. You can really feel the bond of friendship and the dilemmas of parenthood between the characters; and you can easily relate to most in the book, even the bad guys.

The only weaknesses I saw in the book was the dialogue between characters seemed a little flat at times. Although I am not convinced this …