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The Unabomber Manifesto (Paperback, 2008, WingSpan Classics) 4 stars

In 1971 Dr. Theodore Kaczynski rejected modern society and moved to a primitive cabin in …

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2 stars

I’m a strong defender of the principle that everyone has ideas, thoughts and statements that are worth listening to. It should not matter if this person is for or against your cause, or if this person is from another political background. I have a lot of discussions about this with other people that think some ideas need to be muted or that platforms need a stronger moderation. The discussion is not about hate speech or calls for violence, those need to be moderated and if necessary prosecuted via the laws of the corresponding country. The argument is for political statements, ideas, or general criticism depending whatever topic.

To proof my point, I decided to read the manifesto of the Unabomber, he is an extreme for my stance on this topic. He killed three and injured 23 with mail bombs and is rightfully declared a terrorist. I am a Computer Scientist, …