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Product exec, SFF Writer, Producer and GM of , a Numenera actual play podcast.

ActuallyAutistic/ADHD, with a dash of GAD for spice.


Your mom loves me.

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R. F. Kuang: Yellowface (Hardcover, 2023, HarperCollins Publishers Limited) 4 stars

What's the harm in a pseudonym? New York Times bestselling sensation Juniper Song is not …

A Nailbiter

4 stars

Writing an actual review for this one because I found my thinking changing on it as time has passed since completion.

There's a lot going on in this book. It tackles themes of cultural appropriation, tokenism, and privilege in world of book publishing, while at the same time critiquing notions that people can only write a story from their lived perspective. If you think those lines are complex to navigate and somewhat fluid, you'd be right, and Kuang herself seems to have trouble drawing it over the course of the book.

It's a very tense read and moves quickly. Written from June's first-person perspective– certainly an unreliable narrator –it is often an uncomfortable read, which is as it should be when racism is a topic. But June's detractors don't come off particularly great either. The book seems less researched than her other works, but makes up for it in the …