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Taking charge of adult ADHD (2010, Guilford Press) 5 stars

Dr. Barkley provides step-by-step strategies for managing symptoms and reducing their impact. Readers get hands-on …

Review of 'Taking charge of adult ADHD' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

Great reference material, statistics to put things in context, and easy to understand descriptions of what's going on in the ADHD brain and how the medications work. On top of that, has clear rules and recommended strategies for managing it. And dispells myths about meds and other aspects.

Author knows a lot about the research to put guidance in context.

Radical candor : be a kick-ass boss without losing your humanity (2017, St. Martin's Press) 4 stars

Radical Candor is a simple idea: to be a good boss, you have to Care …

Review of 'Radical candor : be a kick-ass boss without losing your humanity' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

So much good stuff packed into one book about how to be a better boss…by caring about your employees! Great candid lessons learned by the author. Lots of practical approaches to helping guide employees to be their best selves.

Good for any leader, not just people managers.