Connie Willis: The Road to Roswell (Hardcover, 2023, Del Rey) 4 stars

When Francie arrives in Roswell, New Mexico, for her college roommate’s UFO-themed wedding—complete with a …

A entertaining cast of characters trying to help an alien do .... something.

4 stars

A delightful read, full of the usual hi jinks that Connie Willis usually puts her characters through in this journey around Roswell with a (real) alien to try to figure out what it / he(?) wants to do.

At the start, the main character, Francie, wants to attend the wedding of her best friend to a UFO-fanatic being held at, of course, Roswell, if only to persuade her to call it off. But she then gets kidnapped by a real alien that looks like a tumbleweed. Forced to drive around the surround countryside, she then forced to pick up a hitchhiker, a UFO conspiracist, a gambling old lady and then the owner of a trailer-vehicle when they discover the alien at the wrong time.

They eventually call the alien Indy (on account of its ability to extend whip-like appendages to enormous distances) and work out that it is looking for …