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Software developer who loves science fiction, fantasy, and science fantasy He/him Mohkinstsis / Calgary, Alberta

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The Name of the Rose (1994, Harcourt Brace) 4 stars

It is the year 1327. Franciscans in an Italian abbey are suspected of heresy, but …

Review of 'The Name of the Rose' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

It's a murder mystery set in a 14th century Italian monastery. It's Eco's thesis on symbols and faith. It drags at times, but the whole picture is such a well constructed story that gives you a great basis to appreciate Eco's later works (which are sometimes a response to this book's success).

Revelation space (2000, Orion Publishing Group) 4 stars

Alastair Reynolds's critically acclaimed debut has redefined the space opera with a staggering journey across …

Review of 'Revelation space' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

Reading this right after Tchaikovsky's Children of Time was perfect. I understand CoT's praise, but I felt that it's writing fell flat time and time again. Reynolds not only creates vast, fascinating worlds, but has the storytelling skill to keep me interested and imbue everything with a sense of mystery. This was a great book.