The enchantment of modern life (2001, Princeton University Press) 5 stars

It is a commonplace that the modern world cannot be experienced as enchanted--that the very …

A world capable of enchanting need not be designed, or predisposed toward human happiness, or expressive of intrinsic purpose or meaning. It seems that there is a musicological support for this kind of enchantment, for "chant is a modal music, which means that it doesn't have the powerful drive that much of modern music has to arrive at a final harmonic destination." Moreover, the world that I describe as enchanted is not confined to structures, entities, and events in nature; there are also literary, machinic, and electronic sites of enchantment.

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This tells us that we do not need to have an anthropocentric world view in order to feel enchantment. In fact we can feel enchantment at feeling insignificant, for example.