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5 stars

Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Permutation city by Greg Egan

I do not remember how I feel about this

3 stars

All Systems Red by Martha Wells

Some years ago two 'Muscovite' Ambassadors Extraordinary had arrived from the Czar and at the audience before the Shah "drank so excessively that they quite lost their Senses". The Shah had drunk the Czar's health, and it was the Russians' turn to pledge this worthy toast, "in a Cup that held about Two Pints. The second Ambassador, not being able to digest so much Wine, had a pressing Inclination to vomit, and not knowing where to disembogue, he took his great Sable Cap, which he half fill'd. It is well known that the Muscovites wear large and high Caps. His Colleague, who was above him, and the Secretary of the Embassy, who was below him, enrag'd at so foul an Action, done in the presence of the King of Persian and of the whole Court, reprimanded him and jogged him with their Elbows to remind him of going out. But he, being very drunk, and not knowing either what was said to him nor what he himself did, clapp'd his Cap upon his Head, which presently cover'd him all over with Nastiness."

From a Persian Tea House by Michael Carroll

This is an author in 1953 recounting Sir John Chardin's "Travels in Persia 1673-1677".

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The City We Became by N. K. Jemisin

The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson