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I love to read—always have. No matter where I go, my Kindle is by my side. 📖 I love to write—always have. If only time would permit me to get more done. ✍️

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Something Like Summer (Paperback, 2011, Brand: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform) 4 stars

Love, like everything in the universe, cannot be destroyed. But over time it can change. …

A cute gay romance/drama

4 stars

I have known the comics for a while now and actually enjoyed reading them, so I decided to also read the source material (I did not like the movie …). I was surprised how different the book was, to what I had remembered. I did enjoy it and it was well written and it was nice to read more than just a YA novel, but read about someone slightly older than that as well. Some of the main character’s decisions I found very odd and a bit stupid, maybe even unrealistic—but then there is lots of different brains out there. I will definitely continue the book series to see if things fit will together.

Gravity of Us (Paperback, 2021, Bloomsbury Publishing USA) 3 stars

Cal wants to be a journalist, and he's already well underway with almost half a …

Not for me

2 stars

I’ve had to stop reading this book halfway through. I though I could make it but it just wasn’t for me. Characters behaviour is erratic and the dialogue are so all over the place. It feels like the writing stopped and was started by a different person mid dialogue.

First Bones (2020, Simon & Schuster) 4 stars

In 1980s Charlotte, North Carolina, Temperance Brennan is newly employed as a bioarchaeologist, studying the …

What a lovely origins story

4 stars

I really enjoyed this origins story. Well done and nice to read about young versions of all the characters. What a sad story in the present. I had read the book that follows this and finally got an explanation of what happened. I wish it wasn’t so.