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Bookish sort that enjoys long bus rides for the people watching, scenery, and solitude for reading.

I may cross-post reviews from my personal blog at Also at Mastodon.

How I rate:

  • 1: Did not finish. I couldn’t find the care to finish the book, and likely had to resist the urge to throw it across the room. I may have yelled at the book.

  • 2: I didn’t like the book. But I finished it! I wouldn’t recommend it.

  • 3: I felt that the book was okay. I think it had some problems, but it mostly worked. I might recommend it as something to try, but not necessarily love.

  • 4: I liked the book. I may have minor problems with it, but I still recommend that you try reading it.

  • 5: I enjoyed the book, I stayed up late reading it, and I’d consider buying a copy (or already did). I strongly recommend that you read it.

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