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Kick Kennedy (AudiobookFormat, 2016, Macmillan Audio) 3 stars

"Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy was the incandescent life-force of the fabled Kennedy family, her father's acknowledged …

Review of 'Kick Kennedy' on 'Storygraph'

3 stars

Got it confused with another Kick Kennedy book (the one by Paula Byrne) but I finished it anyways. Only covers her life in Britain, which is fine but didn't give any context or background as to who the Kennedy family were or what they were like, and nothing about how she was raised in America. It is also weirdly paced considering it only convers the span of like ten years. The book also did not properly convey Kick's voice, and little of her personality which attracted the British nobility was allowed to come through. 

Personally, I find myself disliking Kick, I find her to be a spoiled poor little rich girl and her political views distasteful (she seems to be very nostalgic for a more feudal England where the aristocracy hunt and party in castles while the working class struggle), but I was interested to see that she was not …