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Human Impact on Ancient Environments (Paperback, 1999, University of Arizona Press) 5 stars

There is no loast paradise

5 stars

By looking at the past, this incredibly well-researched but easy to read book shows not only how humans have altered the landscapes around us for millenia, but also how that has treated our ancestors. Providing many case studies of how ancient societies have pushed their luck, Redman shows how as we move further from the land (ie responsible agriculture) we make ourselves more vulnerable to climatic abnormalities. Taking a refreshing perspective that both respects the achievements and ingenuity of mankind as well as notes the precarious path which we walk on, I recommend this to anyone remotely interested in archaeology and ecology

The Year 1000 (Paperback, 2000, Back Bay Books) 4 stars

Delightful, but not groundbreaking

4 stars

The Year 1000 is a fun look at Anglo-Saxon society in the year 1000. Despite the overwhelming amount of literature on these people, I was surprised to find a few fun factoids that I hadn't known. By focusing on the common folk, it provides a nice backdrop to study of the more traditional historical focus of the nobility of the time. The discussions of Y2K near the end make the book feel a bit dated, but not incredibly so. Worth reading for fans of well-written, lightish history

The Soul of a New Machine (Hardcover, 1981, Little, Brown) 4 stars

"The Soul of a New Machine" is a non-fiction book written by Tracy Kidder and …

Personal and prophetic

5 stars

Perhaps this review is biased by being in the software industry but it's find a more riveting read about how the computery sausage is made. An elegant, yet realistic writing style, it resonates decades later with important discussions on labor and finding meaning in post-industrial society.