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Space and Place (2001, University of Minnesota Press)

Space and Place by ,

Empire of Silver (Hardcover, 2021, Yale University Press)

Empire of Silver by ,

Reign of Terror (2021, Viking) 5 stars

first draft of what the 2000-2020s looked like

5 stars

I loved this book... it also made me so fucking made.

but if you want an original, readable critique of how american society basically destabilized itself via the war on terror, this is a beautiful, well researched book. instantly catipults ackerman into the top tier of public essayists

Breaking Things at Work (2021, Verso Books)

Breaking Things at Work by 

"In the nineteenth century, English textile workers responded to the introduction of new technologies on the factory floor by smashing …

No cover

Magic Bean (2018, University Press of Kansas)

Magic Bean 来自 

The Jakarta Method (2020, PublicAffairs)

The Jakarta Method by 

The hidden story of the wanton slaughter -- in Indonesia, Latin America, and around the world -- backed by the …