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reviewed Queen of Fire by Anthony Ryan (Raven's Shadow #3)

Anthony Ryan: Queen of Fire (2015) 3 stars

"Vaelin Al Sorna must help his queen reclaim her Realm. Only his enemy has a …

Review of 'Queen of Fire' on 'Goodreads'

2 stars

I didn't like this book as much as the other two. After I rated 2 stars, I read some reviews. Most people have said in better ways what I also think of this book, but a few points I would like to re-iterate.

1 - Too many characters. I honestly don't think I remember half of their names. Even if you tell me one of their names right now, I don't know if it was the guy who lasted for 2 pages in some meeting in this inhospitable place, the guy who got his magic power described only to never use it, the guy who was on some vision, etc... this was bad on book 1 and 2, but by 3 they just kept piling.

2 - The change in high level story. To be honest this started on book 2. Book 1 was all about Vaelin, and the tension …