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Poet, photographer, etc from Ōtautahi, Aotearoa.

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Cixin Liu, Christophe Bec, Stefano Raffaele: Cixin Liu's the Wandering Earth (2021, Head of Zeus) 4 stars

Collection of short stories.

Started reading this yesterday cos I want to watch the wandering earth - I'd already read the Three Body Problem series and SUPER enjoyed it, even as someone who isn't usually a fan of hard sci fi. Cixin Liu is such a talent, and this collection is no exception. The wandering earth itself is such a good story, but I'm three stories into this collection now and each one of them has had such a good "gasp" moment where I become utterly hooked, and they're all such enjoyable reads.

reviewed The World We Make by N.k. Jemisin (Great Cities Duology, #2)

All is not well in the city that never sleeps. Even though the avatars of …

So good and so much fun

5 stars

I really enjoyed this series - finishing this book right after a reread of the broken earth series is so refreshing and such a good reminder of the utter talent of NK Jemisin. These books are wild, they’re fun, they’re full of incredible, real, and likeable characters. I’m sad to hear this will be a duology rather than a trilogy, but feel like there might be room for another little novella after this one, maybe?

Samin Nosrat: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat (2017, Simon & Schuster) 5 stars

A visionary new master class in cooking that distills decades of professional experience into just …

Essential for all home cooks

5 stars

Absolutely outstanding! I loved cooking already, but Salt Fat Acid Heat is so entertainingly informative, so useful, so practical, and so much fun. I've been using the lessons (and the recipes) so much over the last few weeks, and it's really upped my meals to the next level. Yum!