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Black marxism (2000, University of North Carolina Press) 4 stars

In this ambitious work, first published in 1983, Cedric Robinson demonstrates that efforts to understand …

On this score the preoccupation of Western radicalism with capitalism as a system has served the same purpose. Marxists have often argued that national liberation movements in the Third World are secondary to the interests of the industrial proletariat in the capitalist metropoles, or that they need to be understood only as the social efflux of world capitalism. Such movements require fitting in at the margins of the model for socialist, revolution.

Black marxism by  (19%)

Capital: Volume 1 (1992, Penguin Classics) 5 stars

One of the most notorious and influential works of modern times, Capital is an incisive …

Ok so I finally finished this mf’er. I didn’t read the Appendix, which is supposed to be a summary of the book plus an intro to volume 2, but I’m calling it complete!!

What a magnificent book. I really don’t think I’ve read anything else that has sharpened my thinking more.