Devon Price: Unmasking Autism (2022, Octopus Publishing Group) 5 stars

Transphobic people often take the strong association between gender variance and Autism as a sign that we aren't "really" trans, we're "just" Autistic and confused. They presume Autistic people are un-self-aware and easily manipulated, and therefore shouldn't be allowed to make decisions about our identities or what we do with our bodies. When Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling published the piece "TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist) Wars" on her blog in the summer of 2020, she specifically mentioned her fear that many transgender men are actually Autistic girls who weren't conventionally feminine, and have been influenced by transactivists on the internet into identifying out of womanhood. In presenting herself as defending disabled "girls", she argued for restricting young trans Autistic people's ability to self-identify, and access necessary services and health care.

Rowling's perspective (which she shares with many gender critical folks) is deeply dehumanizing to both the trans and Autistic communities. We're fully fledged, complex people, who are entitled to the same body autonomy and self-determination as anyone else. And it's meaningless to question whether a trans Autistic person would have "still" been trans had they not been born neurodiverse, because Autism is such a core part of who we are. Without our disability (or our gender identity), we'd be entirely different people. There is no separating these aspects of ourselves from our personhood or personality. They're both core parts.

Unmasking Autism by  (Page 59)

Two thoughts:

  1. It's good to be seen.
  2. Rowling and her ilk are embracing Nazi ideology by treating our experience as sub-human.

I was vaguely hoping she was just a little confused. But no. She's seems like a bona fide villain. Voldemort must be her true hero.