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JL Peridot

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Writing love letters to the future on devices from the past. Reading speculative fiction, indie romance, and books on how not to be an omnishamble :o)

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JL Peridot's books

Calla Zae: An Alien Rescue (2021, Prose & Concepts LLC) 4 stars

Emma is on vacation with her six siblings to ring in the New Year with …

Short, fast-paced, instalove alien romance

4 stars

This short & sweet alien romance will not demand you do more than you've already done for the insatiable real world. Instead, it takes your hand and invites you on a fast-paced instalove abduction rescue adventure with a strong, sweetheart alien. One for fans of light, easy reads and steamy lunchtime distractions on far-off planets.

Skye McDonald: Just Your Type (2023, Anti-Belle Books) 4 stars

Rich independent heroine meets sweet ND-coded hero

4 stars

Megan is a strong, independent, capable heroine with a little secret, one she keeps even from her friends. Luke is a sweet yet seemingly uptight professional playing his cards close to his chest, except when he's playing for keeps. This novel is perfect for lovers of online romance, workplace relationship (sort of!) feels, and the cool vibe of Skye McDonald's Anti-Belle universe.