Pathfinder Player Core (2023, Paizo Inc.) No rating

Erik: You descend into a 30-foot-wide mining tunnel, with wooden beams reinforcing the walls and ceilings. You don’t see any traps, but a reptilian face with large eyes peeks out from behind a mine cart. At a closer look, it’s a kobold in a leather miner jacket.

Valeros (Luis): I’ll follow Merisiel down the ladder.

Kyra (Jessica): Me too.

Erik: As the sound of your footsteps on the iron ladder echoes through the mine, the kobold jumps out in panic! She takes a few steps further into the mine, then stops, as if she’s more frightened of whatever is deeper in than of you.

Kyra (Jessica): Oh no! Poor kobold!

Merisiel (Shay): Can someone calm her down? I’m terrible with people!

Valeros (Luis): I have a +3 Diplomacy. I’ll call out to her.

Erik: What do you say?

Valeros (Luis): “Hello friend! Don’t be scared, we’re here to help!” I rolled a 15 on my Diplomacy check.

Erik: Okay! The kobold seems startled, but then runs to you for safety. “Oh! Thank Torag you’re here!”

Pathfinder Player Core

I realize hardly any veteran #ttrpg player reads "Examples of Play" anymore, but I am impressed here. The authors nicely set a tone of: "People who look different are people, too!" - even people who would have been designated cannon fodder in earlier editions of #DnD and #Pathfinder .

Well done, Paizo. Well done. The "evil races" whom it was okay to kill on sight was always highly problematic, and I am glad that this game is moving away from it. aw, that's so wholesome indeed! One of my modules is called "damn deadlines" and is about a group of goblin artificers who got the golem they were working on, finishing the project on the day before the deadline, mysteriously disappearing and the party being of "monster species" having to investigate the disappearance in several hours before the dragonlord of the mountain is to get to the village, expecting to find a functioning golem.

Tangentially, I like like Whitehack's terminology: "species" over "races".