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Behind the Screen (2019, Yale University Press) No rating

The labor of moderation

No rating

It’s an interesting time to read Behind the Screen, especially for Roberts's distinction between community standards and corporate social media moderation. She raises the question of whether large scale, centralized, for-profit networks can ever really be conducive to community — and of the damage they do to those who work to maintain the illusion that they can.

The Lost Diary of Samuel Pepys (Moonflower Books) 5 stars

Pepys, detective

5 stars

The first thing to note is that Jack Jewers is a friend of mine, whom I adore, which may color my reading a bit. But the second thing to note is that this book is just plain fun. The premise is, as the title suggests, that Samuel Pepys kept one further diary beyond those we know of, and that this one involves a complex investigation involving embezzlement, murder, and international intrigue. The writing is delightful, and the book was a perfect bit of holiday fun.