Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, Аркадий Натанович Стругацкий, Boris Natanovich Strugat︠s︡kiĭ: Piknik na robu ceste (Paperback, Slovenian language, LUD Literatura) 4 stars

A troubled man leads a writer and a scientist into "The Zone", a mysterious area …

A great read

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This is a second Slovenian translation of Roadside Picnic and this time we got uncensored version of the book translated by the same translator. It has a very informative foreword which speaks about the fight that brothers Strugacky with the Soviet Union state bureaucracy to get this work published. What is really interested is that the censors in the end took out the bad language in the swear words. Roadside picnic is, according to the foreword, one of the few books that won the battle against censorship. The book is apolitical with slight anti-capitalist subtone so it is hard to imagine why it was not approved by the censors in the first place.

Regarding the book itself it is very gripping sci-fi thriller that questions what is humanity. It is almost at the top of my suggestion list.