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Co-host of monthly critical tech #radio show / #podcast Techno Enema, #emacs, #dactyl, #diy, #guix, working with #drupal also #communist and nudist. Part of #kompot #LibreHosting collective. #fediverse enthusiast. also #cats and #mushrooms, #foss


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Jan Potocki, Zoja Skušek-Močnik: Rokopis iz Zaragoze (Slovenian language, 1987, Mladinska knjiga) 4 stars

It is 1739 and Alphonse van Worden, a Walloon officer serving the King of Spain, …

Read in one go... Cabalistic twists and intertwined stories got me entangled and I couldn't stop reading. (probably it was also related to the fact that I had a lot to do and read the book for procrastination).

I'm also a fan of the movie and I'm looking forward to watch the movie again. What I'm also looking forward to is the complete edition of the Saragossa manuscript. The foreword of edition I read from 1987 was saying that the current edition includes only one forth of the complete work which was found by accident not to long ago (170 years after author's death) and is with the publisher. Does anybody knows more about this edition that according to the foreword is 700 pages long?

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