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The Every (Paperback, 2021, Vintage) 3 stars

A conscientious objector to surveillance capitalism plans to battle the world’s largest social network/e-commerce/monitoring company, …

burning man was better 20 years ago

2 stars

the first 100 pages felt like a laundry list of Dave egger’s boomery gripes about San Francisco. then it became more like a Black Mirror episode, you know, what if technology but bad. still, I kept reading. What can I say, it was entertaining.

then today I saw an ad for something that uses “ai” to manage your calendar for you and now I don’t know what to think

Navalny (Hardcover, 2021, Oxford University Press) 4 stars

worth reading

4 stars

a concise and readable history both of how navalny came to be who he was and how he has shaped putin into what he is too. nothing super surprising but I wasn’t familiar with all of the twists and turns or his really early activism (as a shareholder of Russian state owned corporations advocating for higher dividends).

it’s a little quick to excuse his nationalist ties, though they are fairly considered overall. it would have been a better book if it had included some more perspectives from anti-establishment activists in Russia that are excluded from nationalistic visions. I should find a book about the Caucasus.