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Reading for fun, threads over the years of scifi, history, social movements and justice, farming, philosophy. I actively work to balance out the white male default in what I read, but have a long way to go.

He/they for the praxis.

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Subprime Attention Crisis (2020, FSG Originals) 4 stars

From FSGO x Logic: a revealing examination of digital advertising and the internet's precarious foundation …

direct analogy to 2008

4 stars

References other worries about online advertising (the ways it shapes what tools get built and how we interact with each other), but very focused on the ways ad tech resembles the 2008 financial crisis: systemically entwined with how internet services and media are funded; opaque automated derivatives trading of supposed value (our attention), in a market of perverse bubble-inflating incentives; and is our attention online actually worth so much more than previous advertising (targeted!) or is it subprime and full of fraud and disinterest?

The Fire Next Time (1963, Franklin Watts) 5 stars

A national bestseller when it first appeared in 1963, "The Fire Next Time" galvanized the …

don't put it off

5 stars

Short enough I'm not sure it's worth summarizing - the opening 7 page letter to his nephew covers nearly all the ground the following essay bores into - but in short, integration won't truly happen until white people take the log out of their own eye about their shortcomings and intolerance, and black people are going to have to keep suffering for it - but there is no future path for America except integration and living together in love that goes well beyond what religion practices in America. Extremely relevant to this day.

The peregrine (1996, University of Idaho Press) 4 stars

Look up

4 stars

A year (after many years) of watching and tracking falcons on the English coast, of deeply seeing, and being seen by, all the birds' and landscape's orientation towards the soaring and diving predator's presence or absence.

The Prestige (2005, Tor Books) 3 stars

A suitable but not strong October read

3 stars

A mix of mystery, ghoulish horror, and 19c glamor, mostly told through diaries, of rivalry and obsession and deceit. I re-watched the movie after finishing this, and both leave me unsatisfied, but the selected threads and sympathies are inverted and rearranged such that most of the scenes and storylines the book made vivid as if I remembered them... only exist there.

Disability Visibility (2020, Vintage) 4 stars

A groundbreaking collection of first-person writing on the joys and challenges of the modern disability …

well worth it

4 stars

Inspiring and frank collection covering such a swath of disabilities and their lived experience and range of attitudes towards hope, exhaustion, justice, determination, bodily functions, love, anger. Essays of bluntly banal revelation as well as activism. Eye opening as promised in the title.