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Peter Attia, Bill Gifford: Outlive (2023, Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale) 4 stars

A groundbreaking manifesto on living better and longer that challenges the conventional medical thinking on …

Tip Top Primer

4 stars

It is a primer for the subject matter, but a very good one. If you are starting off reading about modern longevity studies I'd have a tough time recommending anything else more.

Will it motivate you to put the info into action? That's on you. But if you are not the type to be easily motivated to make some simple changes to temporarily evade merging with the infinite...then probably not. Maybe instead think of it like this: it might give you a better probability of reading an obit for someone you weren't fond of.

Adrian Newey: How to Build a Car (EBook, 2017, Harper Collins) 4 stars

The world’s foremost designer in Formula One, Adrian Newey OBE is arguably one of Britain’s …

I read it for the first time in 2019 but I think it is time to revisit it while we wait for the next season of F1 to start. The technical explanations are second to none in terms of making the complexity of an unfamiliar field accessible to a fan. As well, some of the more personal stories are really great if not also insightful. A must read for any F1 or general motorsport fan, highly recommended for anyone with a passing interest in better understanding aerodynamics.