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I'm in Canberra, Australia. My favourite genres are fantasy and sci-fi. Lately enjoying books by Brandon Sanderson, Tamsyn Muir and Becky Chambers. I like drawing, table-top role-playing games (TTRPGs), cats and trying not to injure my aging body while trying to run far. I live on Ngunawal & Ngambri land.

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2023 Reading Goal

25% complete! Matt has read 3 of 12 books.

Mythic Game Master Emulator 2nd Edition (EBook, 2023, Word Mill Games) 5 stars

Play any role-playing game solo or without a Game Master!

Mythic's oracle-style question resolution system …

Fantastic update

5 stars

Fantastic update, great examples. Love all the Meanings tables! I hadn't read any Mythic Magazines, I think a lot of what impressed me might have originated there, but, well compiled, and great tips for running the game you want to experience.

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