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Comics, socialism, and genre fiction. Tinkerer. Goth.

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Biomega, Vol. 4 (2010, VIZ Media) No rating

In a bid to remake the planet according to her design, Niarudi--Matriarch of the DRF--has …

Biomega is really such a great title. There's so many ways to can slice it and that becomes all the more clear after the narrative shift in volume 4.

Bio mega feels obvious. It's biological horror and it's really mega.

Omega. This is an apocalyptic story. We're at the end times.

Biome. We are realizing a new modality of life.

Good job, Nihei.

Abara (Hardcover, 2018, VIZ Media LLC) No rating

A vast city lies under the shadow of colossal, ancient tombs, the identity of their …

A better NOiSE but not a better BLAME!

No rating

I see a lot more actual storytelling happening here. Nihei's trading a lot less on pure atmospherics. Everything reads a lot more clearly but we're still in a megalithic city. He's gotten a lot better at drawing faces. Women look more moe and men are able to explore a beautiful range of facial structures.

The gauna read less clearly than Silicon Life or Safeguards do, but as we get into these giant mausoleum consuming gaunas in the second half, I appreciate the human facial features. This is something you see present through his work and H R Giger's, like with the skull barely visible inside of the Xenomorph's exoskeleton. The idea that these monstrosities are descended from our own humanity is what makes them so terrifying, the idea that we can be contorted into these forms. Generally speaking though, shit made of skeletons is cool.

There are always more questions …

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The Pcell story highlights something that I feel was mostly lost around the midpoint of the series by just providing breathing room for Silicon Life. It's like Guillermo Del Toro says, monsters need to also be seen in repose to be truly threatening.