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My wheelhouse is in fiction, especially comics. I enjoy genre fiction, and tend to lean towards horror, weird and science fiction. I enjoy reading about food, socialism, music, religions, and computing.

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finished reading DEN, Vol. 1 by Richard Corben

Richard Corben: DEN, Vol. 1 (2023, Dark Horse Comics) No rating

The first volume presenting the long-out-of-print masterpiece Den, by fantasy legend Richard Corben!

This special …

This is so compelling. Corben is a master of light, volume and color. The end result is fantastic, erotic and grotesque. I'm gonna keep throwing my money at Dark Horse in hopes they print the rest of Corben's back catalogue.

started reading The Ring of the Nibelung, Vol. 1 by P. Craig Russell (The Ring of the Nibelung, #1)

P. Craig Russell: The Ring of the Nibelung, Vol. 1 (2002, Dark Horse) 4 stars

A multiple Eisner Award winner, P. Craig Russell's adaptation of the Ring cycle by German …

To anyone that wants to get into the opera, this is the perfect companion. P Craig Russell renders what a staging can only imply. You've got an English text to supplement listening to the opera. It's just such a good use of comics as a medium.