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Kathleen Jamie: Antlers of Water (2020, Canongate Books) 5 stars

A lovely book, with a breadth of writers, many of whom I’m keen to explore more.

As an anthology, there’s a degree of whiplash as you finish one chapter and smash into a completely different writing style and topic. Sometimes I would get lost and I would think a chapter is about one area of Scotland but it would be, in fact, somewhere else. That can be disheartening, but overall it’s rather interesting.

Hannah Ritchie: Not the End of the World (2024, Little Brown & Company) 4 stars

Feeling anxious, powerless, or confused about the future of our planet? This book will transform …

It took me a long time to read, because it can be quite dense and, despite the overall positive message, has depressing sections.

It’s well worth reading. It’s a book of data and facts that show us how we’re not as doomed as we’re led to believe, and there are obvious and often simple routes forward towards a truly sustainable future.

finished reading System Collapse by Martha Wells (The Murderbot Diaries, #7)

Martha Wells: System Collapse (Hardcover, 2023, Tordotcom) 4 stars

Am I making it worse? I think I'm making it worse.

Following the events in …

Murderbot mopes around for ages, some stuff happens at the beginning and at the end.

Not my favourite Murderbot book by any stretch, but still it's good, and the whole conflict about what an AI/human mashup would be thinking and worrying about is always interesting.