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appreciator of lesbian fantasy fiction. enjoyer of poetry. puncher of nazis.

literature/linguistics major, São Paulo University.

Languages: pt-br, en, ja, de.

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Anne Frank: Gesamtausgabe (Hardcover, 2013, FISCHER, S.) No rating

(Bitte berücksichtige, Kitty, dass die beiden Damen hier ein fürchterliches Niederländisch sprechen. … Wenn du diese Haspelei hören könntest, würdest du laut lachen. Ich werde aber, wenn ich über Mutter oder Frau van Daan schreibe, nicht ihre Originalsprache wiedergeben, sondern ordentliches Niederländisch.)

Gesamtausgabe by  (Page 39)

noo Anne no Anne give us the dialect Anne ;-;

reviewed The linguistics of punctuation by Geoffrey Nunberg (CSLI lecture notes ;)

Geoffrey Nunberg: The linguistics of punctuation (1990, Center for the Study of Language and Information) 5 stars

Writing as language

5 stars

If you have linguist friends who says things like "writing is not under the purview of linguistics" or "linguists don't care about performance, but about the capacity of language", 1) why are you friends with Chomskian linguists and 2) this book is the most pointedly interesting counterproof. An analysis of the grammar of punctuation using the methods of linguistics somehow brings up plenty of hidden structure of the kind linguists are used to discover in natural language. How come?

Punctuation is obviously not a part of the human language-acquisition capacity—babies won't acquire punctuation no matter how many semicolons you show them—but contrary to naïve social opinions about "style guides" and schoolroom torture, the real grammar of texts isn't acquired via conscious study, it's acquired by exposure via reading; its most interesting and complex rules are emergent and used without explicit knowledge, just like natural language. This is because writing was …

commented on Gesamtausgabe by Anne Frank

Anne Frank: Gesamtausgabe (Hardcover, 2013, FISCHER, S.) No rating

Mom and Dad didn't care about grades, only that she was healthy and having fun. Dad advised her that this life wouldn't last and to enjoy it to the fullest. I am so grateful to them for that.

This hits me hard cos it's the same way I talk to my kids... I mean we aren't there, not yet, but between climate change and fascism...

Anne Frank: Gesamtausgabe (Hardcover, 2013, FISCHER, S.) No rating

Jacqueline van Maarsen gilt als meine beste Freudin. Aber eine wirkliche Freundin habe ich noch nie gehabt. Bei Jopie dachte ich erst, sie könte es werden, aber es ist schiefgegangen. (15.06.42)

Gesamtausgabe by  (Page 16)

Then again on 20.06.42: " sei denn, ich würde irgendwann in meinem Leben »den« Freund oder »die« Freundin finden..."

yes 06.01.44 is one of the gayest things I have ever read but it is interesting to see she already had the longing even a year before.

guide to boys by Anne Frank: Maurice Coster: unpleasant Sally Springer: pig Emiel Bonewit: boring Rob Cohen: filthy bastard Max van de Velde: farmboy, but seemingly acceptable Herman Koopman: pig Leo Bloom: pig Albert de Mesquita: Montessouri boy, smart Leo Slager: also a Montessouri student, but not smart