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The Norton anthology of American Literature (Paperback, 2007, W. W. Norton & Company) 5 stars

Firmly grounded in the core strengths that have made it the best-selling undergraduate survey in …

Read a passage by Thomas Jefferson today from his "Notes on the State of Virginia"

Racist. Vile. Disgusting.

I've coined the word "hackass" to describe Thomas Jefferson, and regret ever admiring him as a contributor to the declaration of independence

A Theory of Adaptation (Hardcover, 2006, Routledge) 3 stars

Renowned literary scholar Linda Hutcheon explores the ubiquity of adaptations in all their various media …

Nonetheless, he posits the parallel existence of what he calls “memes”—units of cultural transmission or units of imitation—that, like genes, are “replicators.”

But unlike genetic transmission, when memes are transmitted, they always change, for they are subject to “continuous mutation, and also to blending”, in part to adapt for survival in the “meme pool."

A Theory of Adaptation by  (Page 32)

In this passage, she is referring to the 1976 book on Darwinian theory by Richard Dawkins, "The Selfish Gene"

Is this where the word "meme" was born??

When the Light of the World Was Subdued, Our Songs Came Through (Paperback, 2020, W. W. Norton & Company) No rating

United States Poet Laureate Joy Harjo gathers the work of more than 160 poets, representing …

One night the landlord came by to fix the leak in the bathroom pipe and was surprised to find Minnie, Rupert and Onna, Sarah and Elsie, Shar and Dar all singing around the drum next to the big stove in the kitchen and even a baby named Lester who smiled waving a big greasy piece of dried fish.

He was disturbed he went to court to evict them he said the house was designed for single-family occupancy which surprised the family because that's what they thought they were

When the Light of the World Was Subdued, Our Songs Came Through by , , (Page 219)

From the poem: "The Housing Poem" by Dian Million

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The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings (the Hobbit / the Fellowship of the Ring / the Two Towers / the (2012, Del Rey Books) 4 stars

The Hobbit is a tale of high adventure, undertaken by a company of dwarves in …

Poems (Hardcover, 1870, G. Routledge & Sons) No rating

We guard the spot where steeples rise In stately grandeur to the skies; We mark the place where altars shine, As hallow'd, sainted, and divine; And just as sacred should we hold The turf, where peasants blithe and bold, Can plant their footsteps day or night, In free, unquestioned, native right.


But every English heart will tell It loves an "English common" well; And curse the hard and griping hand That wrests away such "hallow'd" land; That shuts the green waste, fresh and wild; From poor man's beast and poor man's child!

Poems by  (Page 180)

From the poem "Stanzas" which argues for the preservation of public green spaces where people and animals can gather and spend time together.

commented on Morning Star by Pierce Brown

Morning Star (Paperback, 2016, Del Rey) 4 stars

Born a lowly Red in the mines of Mars, Darrow lost his beloved wife to …

Content warning spoilers !

When the Light of the World Was Subdued, Our Songs Came Through (Paperback, 2020, W. W. Norton & Company) No rating

United States Poet Laureate Joy Harjo gathers the work of more than 160 poets, representing …

Hawai'i '89

The way it is now few streams still flow through lo'i kalo to the sea. Most of the water where we live runs in ditches alongside the graves of Chinese bones where the same crop has burned in the fields for the last one hundred years.

On another island, a friend whose father was born in a pili grass hale in Kahakuloa, bought a house on a concrete pad in Hawai'i Kai. For two hundred thousand he got window frames out of joint and towel racks hung crooked on the walls.

He's one of the lucky ones. People are sleeping in cars or rolled up in mats on beaches, while the lū'au show hostess invites the roomful of visitors to step back in time to when gods and goddesses walked the earth. I wonder what she's talking about.

All night, Kānehekili flashes in the sky and Moanonuikalehua changes from a beautiful woman into a lehua tree at the sound of the pahu.

It's true that the man who swam with the sharks and kept them away from the nets full of fish by feeding them limu kala is gone, but we're still here like the fragrant white koki'o blooming on the long branch like the hairy leafed nehe clinging to the dry pu'u like the moon high over Ha'ikū lighting the way home.

When the Light of the World Was Subdued, Our Songs Came Through by , , (Page 210)

Hawai'i '89, by Dana Naone Hall, an activist who founded Hui Alanui o Mākena, an organization that successfully prevented the destruction of the Pi'ilani Trail, a part of the road that once encircled Maui.

commented on Fiction as Method by Theo Reeves-Evison

Fiction as Method (Paperback, 2017, Sternberg Press) No rating

The definition of alt-right in the essay "Dark Jesters Hiding in Plain Sight: Hoaxes, Hacks, Pranks, and Polymorphic Simulations" by David Garcia is... interesting.

"an unholy alliance connecting 'teenage gamers, pseudonymous swastika-posting anime lovers, ironic South Park conservatives, anti-feminist pranksters, nerdish harassers and meme-making trolls whose dark humour and love of transgression for its own sake' have been hijacked by actual white-segregationist neo-Naxis, who used the mischievous culture of lulz as cover to propel their ambitious political program all the way to the White House."

Hard to think of it just as a "culture of lulz" when it's so much more complicated.