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Ricardo's books

Scott Snyder, Tony Daniel: Nocterra, Volume 1 (2021, Image Comics) 4 stars


3 stars

Given that there's been a few volumes of this out I thought that I what I would read would be better. The writing isn't my style with character exposition -> action -> more exposition, it affects the pacing dramatically. The setting seems interesting, another post apocalyptic story in similar vein to The Last of Us. I'm not sure if I'll continue to read. The last issue set it up in a way where I'm curious, so maybe I'll check volume 2 out.

Fun ride

4 stars

This book was a really fun read. The world building isn't exactly too deep (at least in the first volume) but what we do see it is fun. It feels like a post apocalyptic fantasy adventure story. The main characters are fun and their interactions are great. There's a hook about if a certain prophecy will happen or not. The action and visuals are great.